Recording Studio


Arora Music Studio offers affordable home recording opportunities for independent musicians. This is an ideal recording space for singers, guitarists, strings and other acoustic instruments. Great for YouTube covers and demos. Podcasters are also welcome.

Ramita has studied at Berklee College of Music and has five years experience in recording, mixing and mastering in her home studio. She has created countless arrangements with voice, guitar, violin, cello, cajon and background vocals. Ramita is also a songwriter with ten years of songwriting experience.

The studio is located in Ottawa South (transportation options available). Please contact me at for more details.


  • Digital Audio Workstations: Logic Pro, Pro Tools
  • Microphones: AT2020, Behringer C-2, SM58, SM57
  • Interface: MBox Pro
  • Mackie MR5 Speakers


  • $20/hour recording in studio (student rate: $15/hour)
  • $100 per song for mixing and mastering (student rate: $75/song)
  • $50 per song for production/arrangement work (student rate: $30/song)
  • $50 background vocals
  • $50 solo vocal tuning (otherwise included in mixing)
  • $50 per podcast episode


$150 per song for three or more songs; includes:

  • Recording for three hours
  • Production or arrangement of the song
  • Mixing and mastering

$125 Gift a Song; includes:

  • Setting melody and background music to your lyrics
  • Voice/guitar recording, professionally mixed and mastered