Voice Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Songwriting Lessons

Ramita Arora is a singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Ramita has completed her Grade Eight in Voice and Advanced Rudiments in Theory from The Royal Conservatory of Music. She also completed her Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she concentrated in songwriting and music production and engineering.

Ramita has experience in teaching several genres of music, including classical, pop, rock, musical theatre and singer/songwriter. She focuses on vocal production and techniques within the students’ music choice, as well as providing challenging material and structure to the lesson. Warm ups are an essential part to the lesson and overall development. As a songwriter, she also helps develop the songwriting skills of her students. If students are interested, Ramita uses her recording equipment to record her students and use it as a tool to learn several skills, such as following a metronome or performance feedback.

Ramita also teaches piano and acoustic guitar. She has had two years of experience teaching beginner to intermediate piano and guitar to students of all ages and genres. She uses a fun approach to playing piano and guitar for young students that ensures a strong foundation to advance. Older students have the opportunity to learn piano and guitar on the basis of chords as to accompany themselves or others as they sing, as well as learn their favourite songs.

Ramita’s studio is located in Ottawa South.

Ramita also offers music lessons over Skype to students aged twelve and over.

Contact Ramita at contact@ramitaarora.com for more information.