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Why I Cherish Relationships With My Long-Distance Family

My concept of family has always been small. When my parents came to Canada in May of 1993, carrying only two suitcases, a little bit of cash and me in the womb, it was a reluctant but effective isolation from everything they’d ever known – including, unfortunately, our extended family. The risk for a better future was sacrificing that closeness with relatives, none of whom decided to leave India. My parents, my younger brother and I are very close, and the concept of extended family was very far away.

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Why I Cherish Relationships With My Long-Distance Family

Originally published in Brown Girl Magazine. As I left work the other day, I excitedly told my coworkers that I was about to meet up with my visiting family from India. I was going to take them to some of the touristy nice parts of town, since it was their first time in Canada. To…

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