Learn Songwriting Online

If you’re a beginner songwriter, or even an experienced songwriter who has hit a roadblock – welcome! I offer songwriting lessons online for students of all ages. Lessons are a great opportunity for a personalized approach to learning how to write a song or understanding the next steps on their writing journey. You will get step-by-step instruction, do songwriting exercises, have a structured lesson progression and get lots of feedback.

I have a Bachelor of Music degree where I studied songwriting and have been a private music teacher for five years. I mentor songwriting students who had never put a pen to paper before, as well as students who have been writing for decades. My lessons also pair well with my instruction in learning how to play and sing together on piano, guitar or ukulele. I teach the accompaniment methods that I use in my own songs every day.

Lessons take place weekly on Zoom. Please contact for rates.

Song Feedback

Song feedback is one of the most important steps in writing better songs. I will always tell you what is GREAT about your song, but also what you can do next to improve. I approach your songs with an open mind.


I structure lessons so that you understand how you are making progress. Songwriting can feel overwhelming sometimes – there is so much information! – but we’ll start with the easy concepts and build up to the harder ones.

Writing Tools

Songwriting is all about the skillset you’ve built. It can be tricky to gage where you need to improve and what other skillsets are out there. We will add to your tool belt so that you can reach for whichever one you need.